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Deliberately concealed for centuries, during the Roman Church’s era of imperialism, the history of African prophecy is the oldest and most enduring and replicated in the world. It pre-dates and is the direct inspiration from which Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity were developed. Contrary to western revisionists history, African deities, sacred ritual and culture dominated the ancient world, and reached high levels of spiritual development and theological and cultural sophistication from its rudimentary beginnings in ancient Africa.  


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Most in the Diaspora and indeed the world, are familiar with the traditional village religious culture so maligned in the West.  However, few are aware that the same deities, and their off-spring are responsible for the major systems of western theological and religious faiths now heavily altered and revised to both conceal its African roots, and to establish the current theological framework of the biblical western world.

The Sibyls were the first global prophetesses in all the ancient world. Their prophecies were the most accurate and relied upon by all the major world leaders and temple authorities.  Their temples were more numerous than the Christian churches of today. In fact, most western faith churches were  built atop their very ruins in order to lend credibility to their emerging cults. It was the Sibyl prophecies of whom the emerging patriarchal Christian and Levitical Judaic cults seized, altered and attributed to their “prophets” during their bitter wars for global domination after the fall of Egypt, Mycenae and ancient Carthage.  


The Amengansie tradition, still extant today, is an off-spring rooted in the ancient tradition of the Sibyls. The Sibyls were varied in both their talents and spiritual abilities. Many were diviners, healers and spiritual heads of the great temples in ancient Ionia, Asia Minor, Egypt and throughout Africa.  Just as the ancient Sibyls, the Amengansie priesthood is an ancestral calling born from the lineages of the ancient descendants who were captured and enslaved throughout the world.  Their story, hidden for centuries, is a fascinating journey, that once fully understood, will reveal the ancestral and spiritual legitimacy and continuity of African sacerdotal history and its progeny now scattered throughout the western world

  199-217 C.E. scene from a catacomb    of the African prophet “Jo-nah” with    Sibyl queen in ancient Rome.

The Sibyl [prophecies] was ancienter than all the Heathen Learning; that told real events; and whose words you have put into the mouths of your [Christian] prophets . . .

Roman theologian, Tertullian


The First Temple of the Divine Sibyls is the first non-profit 501(c)3 orthodox, Afro-traditional religious temple, devoted to the resurrection of the Amengansie ancestral lineages brought to North America. We are also committed to the worship of God, the divine African deities, and the remembrance and honor of our ancient and recent ancestors through African traditional liturgy, ritual, drumming, and culture. FTDS is also committed to the establishment, dissemination and maintenance of the Amengansie, Mami Wata and Yeveh Vodoun spiritual traditions through education and community awareness. The First Temple of the Divine Sibyls does not exclude anyone based on race, gender, age, handicap, or sexual orientation

Sibyl prophetess in ancient Rome. Their grand temple was located where the Vactican now exisit

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“When, in the days of Mark Antony, soldiers were destroyed by storms, and owls and wolves invaded cities, when unexpected sun eclipses darkened the republic, when a thunderbolt damaged the scepter of Jupiter, and when animals brought forth creatures outside their species, the Sibylline oracles were made known with the result that some men became inspired and uttered prophecies.”  -

Titus Livius

(59 BC – AD 17) Roman Historian